1. Basic Viewpoint Concerning Personal Information

Sankyo Tateyama, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) gives top priority to the trust of our customers and considers it to be an important social responsibility to appropriately protect the personal information of its customers. For this purpose, the Company has established this basic policy concerning personal information protection and will make this policy fully known to all employees of the Company, including employees of subsidiaries of the Company (*1).

2. Acquisition of Personal Information, Purpose of Utilization

The Company will acquire, by lawful and appropriate means, and utilize, within the necessary scope for the achievement of the purpose of utilization set forth below, personal information provided by customers. Further, the Company may change the purpose of utilization within the scope in which the changed purpose of utilization is relevant to the original purpose of utilization. In such cases, the Company will notify customers of the changed purpose of utilization or disclose to the public the changed purpose of utilization in the Company Website.

  • Conducting sale of goods, provision of services, and activities associated therewith;
  • Delivering and providing information on new products, new services, events, etc.;
  • Responding to various inquiries, and requests for materials, documents, etc.;
  • Conducting market surveys, customer trend analysis, etc. and preparing statistical data that cannot identify specific individuals;
  • Responding to opinions and requests from customers regarding goods, services, etc. of the Company;
  • Providing information about the winning of campaigns, etc. and providing prizes and rewards;
  • Conducting after-sales service and maintenance of goods of the Company

3. Utilization of Personal Information

The Company will not utilize personal information provided from customers beyond the necessary scope for the achievement of the purpose of utilization. When the Company needs to utilize personal information of customers beyond the scope of the purpose of utilization, the Company will obtain the prior consent of customers, except in cases where the utilization of personal information beyond the purpose of utilization is permitted under the applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, etc.

4. Joint Utilization

The Company will utilize, jointly with subsidiaries of the Company, personal information provided from customers, within the scope of the purpose of utilization set forth in Item 2.

(1) Items of Personal Information Jointly Utilized
All of customers’ personal information, except as otherwise specifically requested by customers
(2) Purpose of Utilization of Utilizing Persons
Purpose of utilization set forth in Item 2 (Acquisition of Personal Information, Purpose of Utilization)
(3) Personal Information Management Supervisor
Sankyo Tateyama, Inc.

5. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

The Company will not supply personal data provided from customers to any third party except for any of the cases listed in the following:

  • The consent of customers is obtained
  • Personal data is provided in a format in which the customers cannot be identified
  • Personal data is provided to business contractors of the Company that have assumed confidentiality obligations with respect to the Company, within the necessary scope for the achievement of the purpose of utilization
  • The provision of personal data to third parties is permitted under applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, etc.

6. Appropriate Management of Personal Data, Compliance with Personal Information Related Laws and Regulations

The Company will strictly manage personal data in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. and internal rules of the Company, in an environment where appropriate security is executed, to prevent improper access, leakage, alteration, loss, etc. Further, the Company will conduct necessary educational and awareness activities for Company employees about appropriate handling of personal information.

7. Notification of Utilization Purpose, Disclosure, Correction, Addition or Deletion of Content, Discontinuation of Utilization, Erasure, and Discontinuation of Provision to Third Parties of Personal Data of Customers

Customers making a request for the notification of the utilization purpose, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of content, discontinuation of utilization, erasure, and discontinuation of provision to third parties of personal data of such customers held by the Company (hereinafter referred to as “disclosure, etc. of personal data”) are kindly requested to contact the Company using the Contact Address for Inquiries set forth in Item 11 below.

8. Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Information Protection

The Company may revise the content of this Privacy Policy from time to time when necessary. When revised, the Company will announce the content of the revision on the Company Website and thus always disclose the most up-to-date Privacy Policy.

9. Regarding Cookies

On the Company website, cookies are used to enhance convenience of customers, improve websites, indicate appropriate sites to customers and distribute advertisements.

Cookies have a function of saving in customers’ computers certain data files including usage history and inputs by customers when customers access specific websites.
When customers set their browser so as to permit the transmission and receipt of cookies, the Company may obtain information on the usage history of customers, etc., but will never obtain any information that can identify specific individuals of customers unless customers input their personal information. Moreover, the Company will not use information obtained through cookies for any purpose whatsoever, other than the statistical confirmation of browsing status, indication of appropriate sites to customers and distribution of advertisements. Customers may change the settings for the transmission and receipt of cookies on their browser. The method of doing this varies depending on the browser used, and customers are requested to confirm the method on the “Help” menu on their browser. Customers may refuse cookies by changing their browser settings. However, please understand in advance that there are cases where customers will not able to utilize services offered by a website in this case.

The Company may disclose information collected through cookies, etc. (excluding information that identifies specific individuals) to third parties to whom the Company outsources the business of distribution of Company advertisements, based on the content of the agreement concluded by the Company with that third party.

10. Disclaimer

*Links to Third Party Websites
The Company website may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. The Company assumes no responsibility for the protection of privacy by such third-party websites or for the content posted on them.

11. Contact Address for Inquiries

If you have any questions or inquiries about the content above, please contact us at the following address by email after agreeing to the “Handling of Personal Information” of the Company:
*Please note that in some cases it may take some time for us to reply.

Contact Address for Inquiries

70 Hayakawa, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture

Sankyo Tateyama, Inc. Publicity/IR Department

Email address:

*1. Subsidiaries of the Company refer to the Company’s subsidiaries under the Companies Act.

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