Construction Materials

Creating Value from the Customers' Perspective Developing
New Business Fields through Environmental Technology

We contribute to enriching people’s lives by offering building construction materials that utilize cutting-edge technologies in response to diverse needs; housing construction materials focused on energy savings, barrier-free features and high durability; and exterior construction materials that pursue advanced designs and high quality.

Building Business

Safety, comfort and convenience requirements for buildings such as offices and condominiums are strict due to the fact that these facilities are utilized by a large number of people. Leveraging our cutting-edge technology and flexible planning, we provide an array of high-quality products ranging from new buildings to renovations.

  • ARM-S@NAV / Natural Ventilation Systems

  • NL-R / Curtain WallV

  • FINE MASTER / Aluminum Handrail

Housing Business

To ensure that houses can be passed down over many years as valuable assets, we propose products based on the concepts: “people-friendly,” “earth-friendly,” and “safety and reassurance.” To respond to a wide variety of customer needs, we provide products that incorporate universal design and products with enhanced anti-crime and high-insulation features for the creation of comfortable living spaces.

  • ALGEO / Hi-Spec Sash

  • FANOVA / Front Door

  • LiVERNO 302 / Interior Fittings

Exterior Business

“Free outdoor space under the open sky.” We are committed to conceiving and creating new spatial conceptions that realize homeowners’ dreams of more comfortable living spaces. We deliver a wide array of attractive products in a variety of designs and features that meet customers’ needs, such as multifunctional front entrance products and other products that enhance outdoor space so that customers can more easily enjoy the sunlight and fresh air.

  • ADEXT / Carport

  • LASTELLA / Garden Floor

  • RAGFORT / Walkway Shelter

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