Company Profile

Name Sankyo Tateyama, Inc.
Head office 70 Hayakawa, Takaoka City, Toyama, Japan
Date of establishment June 20, 1960
Capital 15,000 million yen
Settlement term May 31
Number of shares issued 31,554,629 shares (unit: 100 shares)
Stock exchange listing Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section (5932)
Employees Consolidated:11,129/Non-consolidated:5,411 (as of June 1, 2019)
Major business
  • Development, manufacture and sale of building construction materials,
    housing construction materials, exterior construction materials; manufacture and sales of fabricated products made of rolled aluminum and other metals
  • Casting, extrusion, fabrication and sale of aluminum and magnesium
  • Sales of commercial and general-purpose display fixtures; manufacture and sale of standard signboards and other signage; maintenance of stores and related equipment
Directors and Auditors
President Chief Executive Officer Kiyotsugu Yamashita
Senior Director Senior Executive Officer Takashi Nakano
Director Senior Executive Officer Shozo Hirano
Director Managing Executive Officer Makoto Okamoto
Director Managing Executive Officer Mitsugu Shoji
Director Managing Executive Officer Hiroshi Yamada
Director Managing Executive Officer Satoshi Kurosaki
Director Executive Officer Kazuhito Ikeda
Outside Director   Naoko Takeshima
Director Full-time Auditor Takao Nishioka
Outside Director Full-time Auditor Hiromi Nozaki
Director Full-time Auditor Tohru Hongawa
Outside Director Auditor Yuichi Hori
Outside Director Auditor Nagahito Tsuri
Business unit
Construction materials
(Sankyo Alumi Company)
President Takashi Nakano
Vice President Mitsugu Shoji
Vice President Takahiro Nishi
(Sankyo Material Company)
President Shozo Hirano
Vice President Satoru Hanaki
Commercial facilities
(Tateyama Advance Company)
President Kazuhito Ikeda
Global business Chief Global
Executive Officer
Hideki Matsuda

as of August 28, 2019

Corporate Structure

Mid-term Management Plan

Formulating a long-term vision for its business structure, the Sankyo Tateyama Group has laid out a new mid-term management plan for FY2019-FY2021.
In promoting measures based on the policies below, we will strive to create a business portfolio that can respond to changes in the market structure.

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