STEP-G, our subsidiary in Europe, strengthens supply capabilities to the automotive, aerospace and rail segments.
Announcement regarding the acquisition of casting business in Germany.

March 29, 2019

Sankyo Tateyama, Inc. hereby announce that the consolidated subsidiary STEP-G (ST Extruded Products Group) signed the agreements to acquire the casting business from Aluwerk Hettstedt GmbH, manufacturer of cast billets and extrusion profiles in Germany and the corresponding distribution activities of RMG Metallfachhandel GmbH.

1. About Aluwerk Hettstedt GmbH (short AWH) and RMG Metallfachhandel GmbH (short RMG)
AWH is manufacturer of aluminium cast billets and extrusion profiles in Germany. The casting business, target of this acquisition, operates one plant and specializes in casting medium and hard alloys. RMG acts as the exclusive distribution unit of AWH.

2. Purpose of the acquisition
STEP-G has the advantage of production capability of high-difficulty, high-precision, and large extrusions products. By adding advanced casting technology specialized in medium and hard alloys of AWH, STEP-G aims to strengthen the supply capabilities for automotive, aerospace and rail segments which STEP-G focuses on.

3. Overview of acquired business

i. Aluwerk Hettstedt GmbH

Company name Aluwerk Hettstedt GmbH
Location Lichtlöcherberg 40, Hettstedt, Germany
Target business Casting of Aluminium billets
Products 2xxx/5xxx/6xxx/7xxxseries aluminium cast billets
Capacity Casting production 20,000 tons per year
Number of employees Approximately 40

ii. RMG Metallfachhandel GmbH

Company name RMG Metallfachhandel GmbH
Location Wallstadter Str 59, Ladenburg, Germany
Target business Sales and processing of aluminium products
Number of employees Approximately 40

4. Schedule
Conclusion of the agreements; 26th March, 2019
Expected closing of the transaction; 01st July, 2019

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